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In Defense of the Elite (Should any be Found)

(As Sampled from: Typing into the Void -Essays, Reviews, and Other Outrages, 1999-2011)

            Regardless of one’s opinions, it is a commonplace that one holds them against an entrenched and dominant elite. Politicians of either camp bravely man their soapboxes against the soiled propaganda of the other’s sinister cabals. Writers and scholars daily defy the ossified norms established by the tyrants of last week. Entertainers of all genres continually regard the face in the mirror as belonging to a bold, far-sighted rebel. Wherever people fall, they declare that elites are very bad things indeed: seducers of sense, corruptors of truth, and destroyers of the common good.

​            Occasionally, a brave soul will acknowledge that human society has long tended to hierarchy, and that the natural scattering of fortune and talent at will yield a concomitant inequality. The raging revolutionaries pay him no mind. We can maintain our opinions without support, but not without opposition. (Continue Reading)

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